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 Making Abilities

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PostSubject: Making Abilities   Sat Dec 05, 2009 4:35 pm

When you are in battle, you will need some abilities. Here is an example:

Name: Lightning Shower
Type: Lightning
Strength: 7
Damage: -20
Description: The user sends several bolts of lightning down on their opponent.
Weakness: does not work if the user is poisoned or frozen

this is the template that you can copy and paste where you have your chacter descrption. Do not post on this page!

Type: (do not fill out)
Stength: (do not fill out)
Damage: (do not fill out)
Weakness: (Something that can stop your attack, prevent it in the first place or make it so it doesn't work)

rules of making and using skills:
~you can only control 3 types of elements. These include lightning, fire, ice, water, rock, wind, poison, and plants
~Every ability must have a weakness unless it's a healing ability
~Abilities classified as healing, pyisical, or magical costs the user's strength minus half of the move's strength.
~When you are hit by a move, you must subtract your strength minus the move's strength
~When you get hit by an attack, you must add or subtract the damage from your HP. Add if it says +(#) and subtract if it says -(#)
~{note that if the # ends up being a decimal or fraction, go to the next number up, for example, 7/2=3.5 so go up to 4}
~A member cannot die unless they say they did
~When your HP gets to 0, you either faint or die
~When your strength gets to 0, you can no loger attack and must find a way to escape
~If you die, you can PM me and make a new character if you want to
~You cannot kill or make someone faint in one move
~You cannot freeze time to kill someone and time freezes only last one turn
~You must keep track of how much stength you have left
~Once you are defeated in battle, you go to the hospital to recover
~Anyone at anytime during a battle may jump in to help out unless it's an arena match
~teleportation can only be used to flee from a battle


~After you fight, if you win or lose, PM me and I'll give you the strength, HP, and $ you earned
~If you flee, you lose and get half the points of the winner
~If you faint, you will get a quarter of the points of the winner


~if you train, PM me the location like this: eg. Ella's Kingdom; the forest; the lake: pages 1-2
~you cannot recieve HP from training
~to recieve stat, you must PM me
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Making Abilities
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