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 How to Earn Strength and HP

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PostSubject: How to Earn Strength and HP   Sun Dec 06, 2009 4:49 pm

Earning Strength there are several ways to earn strength:
-training if you train, you will earn anywhere from 1-3 strengths, but you must PM me saying where you trained and which pages you trained on.
-Staying at an inn if you stay at an inn, you will earn 1 strength per night you stay, but it costs you $2 per night you stay.
-Battling if you battle someone, you must PM me to say where you fought, who won and who lost.
-special training special training is whenever you ski, swim, or do a service. servises will be posted on the job board. you can post a job on the job board, but just remember that you have to offer a reward and type the word "complete" in editing when a job has been completed. you must PM me if you take a job.

Earning HP there are also many ways to earn HP:
-special training
-going to school you will earn any where from 1-3 HP for attending and from 5-7 when class is in session. you must PM me saying thet you were in class!
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How to Earn Strength and HP
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